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Daruanak is well known to most people in Camarines Sur. And if you are in search of Pasacao, you will know that you are already there because there’s only one single island which lies in the heart of this town, and this scenery is bestowed with a bit of white sands. This landmark serves as a guide to the tourists, and a destination wherein they can enjoy swimming, water skiing, boat ride and snorkeling.

I get lots of results once I type the word Daruanak at Google search engine. Many photo enthusiasts, bloggers, visitors of this island posted their great experience and exploration when they had a visit or vacation on this place, thus it also created curiosity and awareness to the readers.

Daruanak Island is found near one of the beaches of Pasacao, Camarines Sur. Just a 45-minute ride by car from Naga City, excursionist can choose from isolating themselves to this nearby island to enjoying the ambiance of a floating cottage to basking under the sun while on a leisure cruise on a motorboat. Daruanak is a 15-minute ride by the boat and 10 minutes by jeepney from the town proper. Located off the cost of Pongol and Balogo Beach. This island is ideal for skiing, home to sea anemones, starfish, sea urchins and other marine life. To find pleasure not only for the eyes, Daruanak is a place where you can enjoy a deep-sea diving.